7 Essential Things to Get Before Going Abroad

In January 2023, my boyfriend and I decided to go abroad to visit Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Rome. It’s been an eventful and emotionally charged month so far, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. This is my first time going abroad in the last ten years, so it feels practically … Read more

Best Chill Spots in the Tetons

I feel like for the time I’ve lived in the Tetons, I haven’t written enough about them, and it needs to be rectified because they are easily one of the most beautiful mountains in the U.S. and have some of the best places to relax and unwind. If you are planning on visiting or living … Read more

My Honest Review of Nails Inc

This is going to be a rather short and sweet post about my experience with Nails Inc– specifically, their 73% plant-based polish. Let’s dive right in! DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links which might generate income for me at no cost to you. Impact According to the site, “the revolutionary formula is 21 free … Read more

My Bite Review

During my plastic-reducing journey, I came across a company called Bite. It sells… toothpaste “bits” and other plastic-free oral care products, and now, deodorant, of all things. Let’s go more in depth about this company and my experience with it. DISCLAIMER: this article contains affiliate links which might generate me income at no cost to … Read more

How to Prepare for a Day Hike

Day hiking in the mountains and forests has been one of the most enjoyable (and challenging) things in my life for two summers now, and I wouldn’t write about this topic unless I considered myself an expert. Which I do. So, let’s talk about all the physical components you need to tend to in order … Read more

My Review of The Earthling Co

Recently, I decided to test out the earthling co‘s line of hair care products, so I bought their hair care bundle with the scent citrus sun (here’s the closest thing to the bundle I found on Amazon). It took a while to arrive because of the holidays, but it was well worth it. Let’s talk … Read more

How to Be More Plastic Free

So you’ve decided to go on the path of righteousness, eh? That is a noble thing to do indeed, but can be quite hard when you don’t know where to start. Let’s talk about some of the simpler ways you can be a little more plastic free in your day to day life. DISCLAIMER: There … Read more

Everything to Know About Menstrual Cups

Alright, ladies, gather round. We all know what this is about. If you are tired of using regular old tampons and pads and are thinking of converting to a menstrual cup, I have a few words, since I’ve used several brands and have done my research. Menstrual cups are the new hot commodity, and there’s … Read more