About Me

Hi there. I am a seasonal worker and traveler who loves cheese, cats, bohemian fashion, responsible consumerism, and exploring! I got into seasonal work when I was twenty and worked in a Colorado dude ranch for a glorious summer. A little after, I finished my studies and got a Bachelor’s in Business. I settled down in Utah for about three years and got married. After that all went south, I went to live my dream of working in Yellowstone and never looked back.

Now, I work temp jobs around the United States some seasons and travel abroad other seasons. I like to write creatively on the side and read romance and historical fiction. I am also a foodie and an addict for craft shows and festivals. I also have Tourette’s and struggle with anxiety which gives life a little spice (lol).

Why did I choose the name “hobbling hobo”? Well, the definition of a hobo is a migrant worker- someone who “travels and is willing to work”. Now, some people think that a hobo is the same as a bum- it’s not. A bum goes from place to place and oftentimes doesn’t work. A hobo finds work, like I do. The hobbling part is more because I wobble and sway side to side a bit when I walk, so I thought it’d be appropriate.

I hope to use this site as a beacon of information for people interested in traveling long term and being mindful of the environment. I hope to inspire and educate people like yourself on the travel opportunities available out there that are easy to find and are financially feasible. I also hope to be a guide for ethical shopping and traveling. Let’s work together to explore the world and make it better as we go. Thanks for reading!